9th Dawn 3

Fort Hinuol - 9th Dawn 3

Fort Hinuol is a dungeon near Firlun. It has 4 ability coins and its boss the Trapped Warrior has to be fought in melee range in a tiny, tiny room. The dungeon has two floors and is pretty complicate to navigate around compared to the previous ones.

Completing the dungeon is critical as it unlocks the Smelting skill and the Nameless companion. Your life becomes much easier with the companion!

This walkthrough is going to be messy. The way I went about it wasn't optimal and you can probably cut a few steps by doing it more intelligently. Following it will still get you the 100% though.

Fort Hinuol Map

Fort Hinuol Map 1

Fort Hinuol Map 2

Fort Hinuol Walkthrough

  1. North and come back south from the other side, push the lever.
  2. South east, come back north, push another lever.
  3. North west, collect the first Ability Coin (10%).
  4. South west, collect the second Ability Coin (20%).
  5. South east, collect the third Ability Coin (30%).
  6. North, take the stairs to the second floor and push the first lever near the boss.
  7. South, take the stairs to the first floor and grab the fourth Ability Coin (40%). There's nothing else there, so come back to the second floor.
  8. West, go back to the first floor.
  9. North, go back to the second floor and push the second lever near the boss.
  10. Take the stairs south of the boss to go to the first floor.
  11. North west, follow the path, take the stairs to the second floor and fight the Trapped Warrior boss (90%). You're going to have to fight in melee range for this one as the room is very small. Come back up to the first floor.
  12. East, push the lever there. Woops, we still can't get the remaining Ability Coin. Let's go back to the second floor.
  13. East, take the stairs to the first floor. Good news here, there a chest right by the stairs with Slate of Poetry, the quest item required to learn the Smelting skill. Let's grab it, move west and collect the remaining Ability Coin (100%).

Well, that wasn't clean but we're done! The stairs just north of the last ability coin lead to a switch on the world map, we can now unlock the Nameless companion!