9th Dawn 3

Tulsdin Cave - 9th Dawn 3

Tulsdin Cave is a dungeon a long way east of Firlun that introduces minecarts. To complete it, you need to enter the dungeon by the entrance that is near Elmson.

This dungeon has no boss but you can collect 5 ability coins, two stats orbs and a lot of gold equipment from the chests.

Tulsdin Cave Map

Tulsdin Cave Map

Tulsdin Cave Walkthrough

  1. Start the dungeon from the Elmson side. North, ride the minecart all the way. It will make a lot of debris go away.
  2. You end up here. Push the lever.
  3. Collect the first Ability Coin (14%) here.
  4. And the second Ability Coin (28%) while we're at it.
  5. Go back to where the minecart was. Push the lever.
  6. North east, do the big loop and come back down here. Push the lever and enjoy the second minecart ride!
  7. You end up here. Collect the chests you ride by with the minecart if you want, then collect the third Ability Coin (42%) and the stats orb (57%) then push the lever.
  8. Take the stairs here that brings you back to the world map. Collect the fourth Ability Coin (71%), the fifth Ability Coin (85%) and the other stats orb (100%). No boss to kill here, you're done!