Baba is You

Affection level in Baba is You

Love is win, but love is surrounded by algae and algae is defeat. There is three 3 Keke that are running everywhere.

Affection level start


  • When you see something is win, you can sometimes multiply the winning possibilities by making something is something is win.
  • Since love is push, it can be moved by Keke if you align it in the right direction.

How to win the level

The easiest way is to simply make Keke is love is win. All three Keke will become hearts that will make you win.

Another way is to make Keke is push and to align one in the heart's direction. Then go back to how it was before. He will then run into the heart and move it out of the algae, so that you can capture it and win !

Affection level win

Lake levels