Baba is You

Insulation hints - Baba is You

Flag is win, but it is located on the other side of a wall. Wall is hot and Baba is melt. Keke is nearby and can become a skull, but another Keke will move and destroy an important rule if you do so.

Insulation level start


  • Swap can help cross an obstacle.
  • Up can be used to change the move direction of something to prepare for a swap.
  • Once Keke becomes a skull, you have 3 turns to make the swap.

How to win the level

Wall is not stop when starting out. Push Keke in the wall located bottom left of the up word. Next, get rid of the push word by pushing on the wall so it melts and makes Keke is Up. Keke will turn around and be ready to swap position.

Get rid of the up word and replace the Wall is Hot rule by Wall is Stop. Finally, push the skull word to make the Keke is Skull (and move and swap) rule. You will be right in front of the skull and it will swap position with you on the next turn!

You can then move freely, capture the flag and win.

Insulation level solution