Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Districts

The districts appeared with the addition of the Crimson Court DLC and are an interesting way to slightly improve the statistics of our characters and make our life easier.

They do not change the gameplay in a major way but we all know that Darkest Dungeon is a very difficult game, so anything that can help is welcome!

Only one problem: districts are very expensive. It is impossible to build them all before a long time. And it’s definitely impossible to build them all before the time limit of Stygian and Bloodmoon difficulty modes, so we have to make choices.

I divided them into three categories: excellent districts, good districts, and poor districts.

Excellent districts


+50% loot chance, +1% crit, +2.5% scouting and +5% surprise attack.

Great benefits that help to make gold faster and help characters in combat. This is my favorite district.

Training ring

+4 accuracy and +10% health on Arbalest, Houndmaster, Shieldbreaker, and Man-at-Arms.

Health points and accuracy are always welcome!

House of the yellow hand

+5% critical and +5% scouting on Bounty Hunter, Grave Robber, and Highwayman.

Huge critical damage bonus on damage dealing classes.

Good districts

Sanguine Vintners

Receive 2 free Blood per week.

Very handy for surviving the Crimson Courtyard DLC infestation.


+15% blight, +15% debuff, and 15 stress healed when interacting with some curios on Antiquarian, Occultist and Plague Doctor.

This helps the Plague Doctor and the Occultist to hit the enemy with their main offensive abilities.

Altar of light

+10% healing and +10% stun resist on Crusader, Vestal, and Flagellant.

The healing bonus for the Vestal is very good.

Poor districts

Puppet Theater

Characters recover 15 stress when idle instead of 5 stress.

It helps save a little gold, the tavern and the abbey are expensive at the highest levels.

Performance hall

-10% stress, +2 speed, and +20% damage when using Finale on Jester.

Not bad but applies to only one character.

Miasmal orchard

+Disease resist when using Medicinal Herbs, +blight resist when using Antivenom.

Increasing resists is never a bad thing but these items are situational.

Tainted well

More resists when using Holy Water, +stress resist when using Laudanum.

Same as the one before.


No more hunger checks.

Decent, you save a little bit of gold and win an empty inventory slot by not having to bring as much food.


Receive food for free every week.

Similar to the mill but less good since it does not allow us to free an inventory box.

Geological study hall

Can stack 1 more gem per inventory slot.

It doesn’t make a big difference.

Outsiders bonfire

+2 respite points when there is an Abomination, Hellion or Leper in the party.

Two more respite points don’t really matter.

The red hook

No effect.

No comments :-)

You will notice that I did not mention the bank. It’s just because it’s a very special district. If you build it early in the game and your strategy is to acquire a lot of gold quickly using the Antiquarian, for example, it’s a great district.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty mediocre district…