Dawn of Man

Knowledge points in Dawn of Man

Obtaining a lot of knowledge points is essential to improve your village in Dawn of Man.

Press 8 to open your dashboard.

It's a bit complex at first, but the dashboard will tell you what to do to get your next knowledge points.

At the beginning of the game

Hunting animals

At first, your main source of knowledge points will be hunting. Each species of killed animal will bring you one point of knowledge, plus another if you kill five.

The trick here is to hunt a lot of different animals. You can theoretically gain about 20 knowledge points by simply killing one of each animal.

The collection of resources and construction of structures will also bring you a good amount of points. Most techs unlock new buildings that can be built and new resources that can be gathered. Try to get these knowledge points quickly to speed up your next technology.

Later in the game

Gathering linen

The collection of resources will slowly but surely gain the upper hand. From now on, this will be your main source of knowledge points until the end of the game.

You will get them naturally over time.

By design, the game encourages you to do a bit of everything rather than specialize in something specific. The difficulty of getting a new point of knowledge with the same action is exponential.

So at this point, you should try to encourage variety in your village. Focusing on specific things is acceptable when necessary, but balance is the easiest way to accumulate points of knowledge easily.

Other sources of points

Each winter that ends will bring you 1 point of knowledge. Completed milestones will give you 2 points each, and increasing your population will cause increases of 3 points each, the first occurring when you reach 10 villagers.

The raiders will also become a small source of knowledge from the Neolithic era, with increases of 2 points each.