Dawn of Man

Getting mud in Dawn of Man

Once the Neolithic age is unlocked and you discover the Thatching technology, you will be able to start collecting mud.

In fact, you're going to need a lot of it.

Upgrading basic tents to huts requires 4 mud each. This should probably become one of your priorities as soon as Thatching is discovered, as the upgrade will greatly increase the maximum population and the storage that your village can have.

Storage huts upgrades or stables should be next!


How to get mud

Mud gathering is a new option that becomes available in water areas. It is similar to fishing, but you don't need any tools, villagers will gather it with their bare hands.

Just like fishing, gathering too much mud will empty a water area. And just like fishing, you can add a work task so that your villagers automatically gather mud up to a certain quantity.

My recommendation would be to set 30 max mud. It is used for a lot of things.

Mud is used to create

  • Hut
  • Storage hut
  • Stables
  • Charcoal pit
  • Pit furnace
  • Bloomery
  • Oven