Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons: Robot Guide

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Robot character.

The robot is the third class and instead of directly using dice, you’ll be trying to hit the jackpot with the “Calculate” ability. I’ll go over that mechanic in detail and give a few tips along the way.

CPU system

Robot CPU

The robot’s CPU is on the right side during battles and has a “calculate” button. This button rolls new dice that you can use on your equipment. You can keep using the calculate button until you either hit the target or go above it.

If you go above the target, all of your equipment gets deactivated, effectively ending your turn (there are exceptions). Try to always use your remaining dice before using the calculate button if there is a chance to go over the limit.

Robot jackpot

On the other hand, should you hit the target, you will get a bonus, which is a choice between dealing 5 damage to the enemy, healing yourself for 3 hp or rolling a dice. The first two choices are usually better.

Robot items

Buster sword

Buster sword

This weapon gets offered with Ultima weapon which is probably the best dmg item that is available to the robot.

I'm not quite sure if there is a situation where this sword would be better, as getting errors is trivial and happens at the end of a turn.



Forcefield is simply an amazing shield. In the later rounds when the robot’s maximum CPU is higher, it is common to roll 4 or 5 dice per turn.

That’s 5 or 6 shield from a single item that you can activate with a 1.




Like the witch's Hall of mirrors spell, this is a skill where you sacrifice the beginning of a fight in order to become an unstoppable machine later on.

I would say it pairs extremely well with Forcefield as the more you increment, the more you will be rolling dice. And the more you will be rolling dice, the stronger the forceshield will be.

Mechanical arm

Mechanical arm

This one complements Forcefield really well since they’re even/odd and both based on the number of dice rolls in a turn.

Short circuit

Short circuit

I'm not a big fan of this one. It gets offered early in a dungeon, at a time where rolling 4 dice is not the norm. Getting only 3 dice is still quite frequent at the end of a dungeon.

The upgraded version is fine though.

Ultima weapon

Ultima weapon

This is really strong, especially when it is upgraded. You basically get a double damage attack that works with any dice on a limit break.

The +2 from the upgrade makes it as strong as a broadsword on the rounds where you don’t get a jackpot. I always upgrade this first when I get it.

Robot episodes

Episode 1: Rise of the robot

Standard rules.

Episode 2: Compression errors

  • Duplicate dice vanish immediately.

This is almost the same as the first episode. Just make sure that you use your dice one by one as soon as you get them, and never use the “Autoroll” limit break at the beginning of a turn.

Wait until the next calculation might go above the limit and you shouldn’t have too many vanishing dice!

Episode 3: You choose, you lose

  • No CPU counter. Create any dice you like!
  • 50% chance that equipment will randomly disappear each time.

This episode takes RNG to another level, as you now select your dice rolls with a 50% chance of locking the number of the dice roll + breaking a piece of equipment each time.

You choose you lose

Your limit break becomes “Mulligan”. With it, you can choose to restart a round where RNG went completely wrong.

The way to go here is probably to always select the strongest dice that you can play first, and to keep mulligans for really, really bad rounds!

Episode 4: The Elimination Round

  • Enemies get 10% extra health.
  • All enemy equipment is upgraded.

Episode 5: Parallel Universe

  • Enemies get 10% extra health.
  • Status effects work differently.
  • All of the equipment has been changed.

Episode 6: Bonus Round

  • Start with standard rules.
  • Gain bonus rules as you descend further.