Dota Underlords Druids Guide
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Dota Underlords Druids Guide

Strategy guide for the Druids alliance of Dota Underlords. I give advice for each of the druid heroes and then move on to recommandations for teams and synergies that work well with druids.

Hey guys, today we’re going to look at ideas and strategies for having success with the druids. They’re a very balanced alliance that relies on heals and summons and that can add both decent survivability and/or DPS to your team.

Table of contents

Druids | Alliance bonus

Just as a reminder before moving in, the bonus for this alliance is (2) a level upgrade for your lowest level Druid and (4) a level upgrade for your two lowest level Druids.

This is very different than other alliance bonuses.

It has the most impact in the early game, where the level upgrade of a single hero makes a big difference. The bonus has much less impact in the late game but it isn’t useless, as upgrading a hero from two to three stars is a bit better than adding a two stars hero.

Druids | Heroes


1 gold - druid and savage


The Enchantress deals average ranged DPS and have very low health. Her ability is a large HOT that slowly heals most of your heroes for small health every 1.5 seconds.

The heal fades in the late game, but it is very powerful in the early game and a cast well placed can by itself completely change the outcome of a battle.

If you can do it before she dies that is.

It seems to be her main problem in the early game. On one side, her damage output is too low to cast it quickly before characters start going down and a large HOT stops being useful. And on the other side, her health is too low for her to be in the middle of the battle taking damage to increase her mana.

I would say she is a good candidate for the Brooch of the Aggressor item that increases by 100% the mana gained from attacks. With it, you can keep her safe and fire her HOT twice as fast.

Nature’s Prophet

2 gold - druid and elusive

Nature's Prophet

The Prophet is your classic summoner with very low DPS.

He only needs 50 mana to fill his bar and summon a small treant somewhere in a corner of the map (skills are normally 100 mana) so if you can find a way to increase his mana like say a Crystal Maiden allied hero, he will summon treants pretty quickly.

If you get a level 2 Crystal Maiden and equip him with an Octarine Essence item that reduces his ability cooldown by 50%, he will summon a treant every 3.5 seconds.

He won’t even need to attack to do it.

Now, this hero might not be one of my favorites but summons are never useless. At two stars, the summoned treants are 500 health meatshields that deal some damage. That’s 500 damage that isn’t going to one of your heroes.

If you were to combine that with a Summoning Stone (+150 health and +30 attack speed to all summons), a Lone Druid and a Lycan, you would have quite a lot of buffed meatshields that deal some damage.

Treant Protector

2 gold - druid and elusive

Treant Protector

The Treant is the tankiest hero from the druids. He’s not quite as tanky as most Knights or Warriors when their defensive synergies are activated, but he can stay alive for a long time if you play him well. His Leech Seed skill is key to his survivability.

When he uses his leech skill, the Treant heals over time by draining the life of his target, for a few seconds. The heal over time effect also applies to the other allies around the target, making them last a bit longer before falling down.

That’s a viable tanking strategy, as long as he lives long enough to use his ability and isn’t alone and surrounded in the frontline.

One trick I would suggest to make sure he doesn’t die before using his leech skill would be to hand him over a level 1 Chainmail item. This brings his armor from 5 (23% reduction) to 15 (48% reduction) and makes a huge difference.

With the armor equipped, the Treant basically becomes a Warrior with a great heal.

And if you also get his elusive synergy to dodge a percentage of incoming physical attacks, he becomes one of the tankiest heroes in the game.

Lone Druid

4 gold - druid and savage

Lone Druid

It’s hard to find bad things to say about the Lone Druid. He has good health, average ranged DPS and more importantly, he summons a powerful bear that can almost count as an additional weaker hero.

Unlike the treants, the bear is summoned right by the hero and has decent health, DPS and can stun targets for 3 seconds. That’s a pretty long stun.

To take advantage of that, it’s probably better not to place the Lone Druid too far from the action. He might be a ranged character, but he’s able to take damage and you’ll get more bang for your buck if the bear is summoned quickly and doesn’t have to move across the whole screen after being summoned to attack its first target.

Being savage, it’s probably better to pair him with the Enchantress if you’re only going for (2) druids and have enough tanks in the frontline. That way you will unlock the +10% damage, and her area HOT becomes better with summons like the bear around.

Otherwise, the Treant Protector is the tankier and safer choice.

Druids | Builds and synergies

Savage build

Lone Druid, Enchantress, Lycan, Tusk and any warrior.

Lone Druid icon Enchantress icon Lycan icon Tusk icon Warrior alliance

This is a great 5 heroes starting team that is focused on damage dealing.

You are getting the +25% damage to all heroes from the 4 savage synergy, the +10 armor to all warriors from the 3 warriors synergy and the druid synergy that increases a druid level.

Two of the heroes are melee and two are ranged. The third warrior should ideally be tankier as Lycan and Tusk are great but they aren’t the tankiest warriors. Think for example Pudge, Doom or Axe over Juggernaut or Stardar.

From there, you could take different paths.

If you find a Troll Warlord (and also ideally a Kunkka), you might want to start moving towards the 6 warriors synergy. You’ll be very tanky, but still pack a punch with the +25% damage bonus and the various ranged heroes.

Another option would be to add the Venomancer and Sand king for the 6 savage synergy for the +45% damage bonus. By doing so, you’ll probably find yourself lacking health and defense, so I would suggest also adding a Warlock character to complete the +15% life steal synergy from the Venomancer.

The two choices that sound good here for adding a Warlock are Alchemist since it is tanky and has an ability that helps damage dealing heroes, or Necrophos, as it heals and will complete a Heartless synergy by teaming with Pudge.