Morkuldin Set - ESO

Morkuldin is a craftable set for stamina DPS characters that summons a floating sword when you deal damage with a light or heavy attack. The floating sword's attacks count as light attacks and deal 4108 physical damage.

It diseappears after 15 seconds but can be summoned every 15 seconds so it is possible to have close to 100% uptime.

Morkuldin set

Set bonuses

  • (2 items) Adds 1096 maximum stamina
  • (3 items) Adds 129 stamina recovery
  • (4 items) Adds 129 weapon damage
  • (5 items) Summon a floating sword that deals 4108 damage when you deal damage with a light or heavy attack

Morkuldin Forge location

The forge is located around the center of Wrothgar. You will need to have the Orsinium DLC and to complete the The Hand of Morkul series of quests to access it.

Morkuldin Forge location

Open the way to Morkuldin

To get to the Morkuldin forge, you have to complete a small puzzle.

The puzzle consists of three statues with braziers in front of them that have to be set ablaze in the right order, which is, starting from the NPC position: the left statue, followed by the center statue and the right statue.

Open the way to Morkuldin

Is the set good?

The floating sword adds a fair amount of DPS both in PVE and in PVP. Think of it as a nearly 100% uptime pet for stamina DPS characters. It's probably much better than low percentage proc sets in the open world with monsters that go down easily.