Graveyard Keeper

Bloody nails - Graveyard Keeper

In addition to the bucket of blood, Snake asks you for 5 bloody nails.

Nails can not be made. You only get them by fighting monsters inside the dungeon, from the 4th floor.

How to get them

Monster that drops nails

This monster has 35 health and hits very hard (about 20 damage) but luckily it is rather easy to avoid. His movements are similar to those of the bat.

He has a 100% chance to drop 2 bloody nails. You must defeat 3 to complete the quest.

If you have hard time, I suggest you replace your rusty sword from the beginning of the game with a normal sword. The latter inflicts twice as much damage, making this monster and the flies that are present since level 3 much easier.

Washing the nails

You will inevitably accumulate dozens and dozens of bloody nails as you advance further into the dungeon, and they no longer have utility after the quest.

But it is possible to clean them to obtain normal nails.

To do this, head to the kitchen table of your house and get ready to scrub!

  • 1 bloody nail
  • 1 water
  • 1 river sand