Graveyard Keeper

Refugee Camp Guide - Graveyard Keeper

Building a tent and a well

When you start out, Marquis Teodoro Jr gives you two quests: to build a residential tent and to build a well. Let's start with the well as it will allow us to fetch water for the refugees in the camp itself instead of going back to the house.


The well adds +1 maximum happiness in addition to being able to fetch water. Next, let's build the tent.

Residential tent

The tent adds +1 maximum happiness and allows us to bring two new refugees to the camp. Let's do that by clicking “new refugee” twice. The first new refugee is the cook and the second one is some guy that had a workshop and that won't give new quests.

Building a garden

The Marquis wants a garden for the refugees. First, you'll need to build the fence supplies for the garden.

Fence supplies for garden

This adds +1 maximum happiness and a large garden zone appears south east of the refugee camp. One that's done, it becomes possible to build up to four “bed” (should have been named gardening bed or something) at the station. Those aren't mandatory to progress but are an easy way to get more vegetables easily.

The best part here is that the vegetables that are grown go straight to the storehouse to feed the villagers when completed. You can plant different vegetables in each one if you want.

Build a second tent

You can now build a second tent. This allows for two new villagers to join the party and upgrades the maximum happiness of the camp to 7.

The first new villager is the moneylander and the second one is irrelevant.

Help the cook

The cook wants a kitchen. You can craft her a cooking table.

Cooking table

This upgrades the maximum happiness to 8, but she isn't happy yet. She wants an upgraded version. Let's make it.

Cooking table upgraded

Maximum happiness becomes 9. Is she happy though? Well, almost, but not really. She now wants a beehive. For that one you'll need bees which can be bought from the beekeeper NPC located north-west of the inn in the village.

Bee Hive

You actually need to build at least two of them, so buy 20 bees from the beekeeper. They cost around 20 copper each. The cook will now be happy and teach you a bunch of new recipes for free.

Build a third tent, upgrade the campfire and storehouse

To unlock the new quests from the Marquis, you'll need to progress through the vampires questline. At some point you'll meet a new inquisitor, Beatrice, and this unlocks a series of new progress for the refugees camp.

Let's build the 3rd tent. +1 maximum happiness, now 10. The first new villager is the undertaker and the second one is irrelevant.

Campfire II

+1 maximum happiness, now 11. No other effect.

Storehouse II

More space in the storehouse. No other effect.

Build a fourth tent and Teodoro's workplace

Here we go again! Let's build the last tent. +1 maximum happiness, now 12.

The new villager is the tanner. It's the only one for this tent.

Teodoro Workplace

After building Teodoro's Workplace, as long as you have added the new villager, you receive an achievement for the camp completion and a bunch of rewards from Teodoro. 1 gold, a gold bar, a bunch of high level carved marbles, and the most important part, a bag that uses only 1 space of the inventory and has 9 more space.

You also get the recipe to craft more of them. That's pretty nice!

Help the undertaker

Give her 5 iron chisels that can be crafted at the carpenter's bench and 10 wood wedge that are made at the chopping spot.

Undertaker Workplace

The undertaker's workplace can now be made! But it won't make her completely happy…

For her next quest, you'll need to give her 5 steel chisels of gold quality. You probably need to have reached the end game to make those, it isn't that easy.

Once that's done, you receive a new achievement! And as a reward, the undertaker gives you new recipes for high level tombstones and fences for your graveyard. You can also buy basically any tombstone or fence from her, for a price.

Help the tanner

She wants a tanner workplace. And a farm!

Tanner Workplace

Fence supplies for farm

You'll now need to add a cow and hens on the farm. The cow can be bought from Rosa just north of the inn for 1 gold. The hens can be bought from the little basket withs eggs on the road east of the inn for 50 silver.

Once that's done, you receive a new achievement again! And as a reward, the tanner gives you new recipes for the alchemist, farmer and fisherman bags.

And that's it! The refugee camp is completed!