Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper: Stranger Sins Walkthrough

Stranger Sins adds two things to the Graveyard Keeper universe.

You get a tavern, which is a cool new major source of income in addition to the church and the merchant crates. And you also get a new series of story quests that reveal information about many characters through flashback scenes.

In this article, I'll share a walkthrough to the story quests aspect of the DLC. Running the tavern will have its own guide.

Table of contents

Building the tavern

Talk to Gerry the skull, he'll ask for a cognac cask. You can find that by digging a spot east of the village, on your way to the lighthouse. This is where the tavern will be built.

But first, you'll have to talk to a few NPCs to buy the land for 30 silver coins.

Next, Cory the mason will build the tavern. You can find him somewhere north of the village during the day.

Two options are available for the construction but I would suggest the supplier choice if you want to save gold as is 4 times cheaper. You'll just need to bring him iron and wooden stuff.

  • 12 simple iron parts
  • 12 wooden planks
  • 12 nails
  • 50 silver coins

Finally, you'll have to “craft” the barman with a Carpenter's Bench II using a new recipe Gerry gives you.

Once those steps are completed, you can start running the tavern for-profit and unlocking the various flashbacks from the new story quests.

Story quests

1. Statuette of the Ancient God

Talk to Horadric the innkeeper. You'll need to do a few back and forths between Horadric, Miss Chain and Krezvold (the blacksmith).

Statuette of the ancient god quest

2. Ancient Wine Flask

Talk to the Farmer's Son, located south of the wheat farm in the village.

Wine flask quest

3. Ancient Door Hinge

Hidden beneath dirt close to Dig's house, on the left side.

Door hinge quest

4. Legionary Helm

Things get a bit more tricky from thereon.

Talk to the Farmer. He'll ask you to bring him a giant carrot. Next, talk to Clotho the witch. She'll tell you she can transform a carrot into a giant carrot but wants a date with Cory the mason first.

Cory's the guy north of the village that built your tavern. Talk to him, and then talk to his brother Tress who has a house nearby on the east.

After a few more dialogues, you'll be able to get a giant carrot from Clotho, get access to the Farmer's house and steal the artifact.

Giant carrot quest

5. Ancient Lockpick

Talk to the Miller, north of the wheat field near the village. Search around the mill until you get a quest update. Talk to the Lighthouse Keeper. He'll ask for a “Comedy Standup” event at your tavern.

If you're like me, the comedy standup will be a roadblock in your progression in the story quests. It requires 2 reputation stars which are acquired by selling a ton of beer, wine, and booze.

It took me about 3 hours to get the two reputation stars. It's nice though, as it forces you to get vineyards and work on your income.

Grind it up and throw the comedy standup. Bring the invitation paper to the Miller to receive the lockpick.

Comedy standup event

6. Priest Medallion

Talk to Dig. He's going to ask you for good, tasty booze. Getting one bottle for him shouldn't be a problem as booze is something that you'll want to produce a lot of for-profit in your tavern.

7. Legionary Dagger

Talk to Krezvold and then to Miss Charm. She'll agree to sing in your tavern for 20 silver coins.

Krezvold will give you a dagger but says another one is hidden in the forest up north of the village. You'll then have to talk to the Gipsy Baron, the Woodcutter, Cory, and Tress to receive it.

Legionary dagger quest

8. Ancient Belt Buckle

Talk to the Woodcutter.

After a cutscene, you need to find a barrel of honey and bring it back to the Beekeeper. The barrel is hidden beneath dirt near the house of Tress.

Bring it to the Beekeeper located north-west of the village and go back to the Woodcutter for the buckle.

Ancient belt buckle quest

9. Clay Shards

Talk to Adam, located south-west of the village.

He'll tell you to upgrade your tavern and get it to quality 40. Go back to your tavern and you'll now be able to use resources to upgrade it to a bigger size, build an additional table and wooden barrels.

Go back to Adam after upgrading your tavern and he'll ask you to watch for hooligans near his house during the night.

Wait for nighttime. You'll find Yorick the ghost talk about stealing near the house. Wait again for the day and go back to Adam to receive the shards.

Clay shards quest

10. Ancient Shackles

Hidden under dirt west of the graveyard, on your way to Clotho the witch. It's pretty close to the bridge.

Ancient shackles quest

11. Amulet of the Ancient God

Talk to the Lighthouse Keeper.

He refuses to give you the amulet. Wait a few days and talk to Snake. He asks you to organize a rat race in your tavern, which requires a rat race table (quite a few resources) and two reputation stars again for the event itself.

Go back to Snake when the rat race is completed to get the amulet. The waiting time is a bit annoying in this one!

Amulet of the ancient god quest

12. Ancient Pickaxe

Talk to Koukol, north of the village. He wants you to ask a witch for help.

Get a magic scroll from Clotho and come back. Wait a day for him to bring you a dark organ and fail the magic spell. Next, he asks you to upgrade the tables of your tavern.

A lot of resources are needed there. The Merchant sells 8 silks a week so you're able to buy enough for all 4 tables in one go and upgrade your tavern to about quality 75.

Return to Koukol to receive the pickaxe.

Ancient pickaxe quest

13. Ancient Keys

Talk to Adam.

Try to impress him by crafting and bringing him 3 ceramic pitchers. He calls your creations garbage. Talk to the Merchant, to the Beekeeper, to Dig and back to the Beekeeper.

He gives you the new vases which you can use to get access to Adam's house and steal the ancient keys.

Ancient keys quest

14. Claypot of tar

Hidden under dirt on the top right corner of Witch Hill.

Easy one!

Claypot of tar quest

15. Priestess Ring

Talk to the Farmer.

Next, talk to the Farmer's Son, to the Miller and to Clotho. You are sent back to the Farmer and can buy the ring for 1 gold piece.

Priestess ring quest

16. Priest Signet

Talk to Dig. He will ask for a race rat.

Next, talk to the Lighthouse Keeper, to Koukol and to the Gipsy Baron. You can buy him the required race rat for 1 gold piece. Bring it back to Dig to receive the signet.

Priest signet quest

17. Brick from the Church

Remove a brick from the right side of the church and bring it back to Gerry.

This is the final flashback and you will discover who Gerry really is!

Brick from the church quest

18. King's Treasure

After doing all these quests, the DLC ends with a pretty cool bonus: the old king's treasure, located close to the tavern.

It's worth 10 gold pieces!

King treasure