Prestige levels - Griftlands

Prestige levels in Griftlands are a way to make the runs more difficult. If you've played Slay the Spire, it is similar to its Acension system. Taking a higher prestige level always includes the effects of all the levels before it.

The very first run is on level 0 and it unlocks level 1 when completed. Completing level 1 gives 5% bonus XP and unlocks level 2. Completing level 2 gives 10% bonus XP and unlocks level 3. And so on. There are 15 levels as of June 2020.

Griftlands prestige levels

List of prestige levels

  • Level 0: If you die, you can restart the day once only
  • Level 1: Normal enemies have upgraded abilities
  • Level 2: Opponents have improved arguments
  • Level 3: Bosses are stronger in battle
  • Level 4: Resolve is no longer restored after battle
  • Level 5: Normal enemies are stronger in battle
  • Level 6: Enemies are tougher in battle
  • Level 7: Allies are weaker in battle
  • Level 8: Species boons are more powerful in battle
  • Level 9: Only heal 50% of your health and resolve when sleeping
  • Level 10: Everything costs 25% more shills
  • Level 11: Bosses are even stronger in battle
  • Level 12: Start with 20% less maximum health
  • Level 13: Start with 20% less maximum resolve
  • Level 14: Start with 1 fewer negociation graft slots
  • Level 15: Start with 1 fewer battle graft slots