My Time at Portia

Grinder - My Time at Portia

The grinder is a crafting station you need to build early for the very first main mission where you build the bridge to Amber Island. It is used to process metal ingots from the furnace into various metal accessories like pipes, blades, cables and wires.

I recommend only making one as it processes ingots quite quickly. Even with only one grinder, it will often sit idle, only processing stuff when needed! You'll need a stone furnace to build it.

How to build the grinder

Materials required

  • 2x old parts
  • 3x copper bars (3x copper ore each - furnace)
  • 2x grinding stones (5x stone each - worktable)

Used to make

  • Copper blade (2x copper bar)
  • Bronze pipe (2x bronze bar)
  • Copper pipe (2x copper bar)
  • Pulley (2x carbon steel bar + 1x lubricant)
  • Bearing (4x tin alloy)
  • Copper wire (1x copper bar)
  • Steel cable (1x carbon steel bar)
  • 20x venom darts (3x venom + 1x copper bar + 1x lead bar)
  • Aluminium wires (1x stainless aluminium)
  • 50x ammo (5x gunpowder + 2x magnesium powder + 6x carbon steel bar)