My Time at Portia

Finding marble - My Time at Portia

Marble is a material required for the assembly of several level 1 crafting stations. To make these stations, it must be transformed into a marble planks with the saw.

It is easily obtained by mining at the start of the game.

Where to find marble

The most important detail to know is that marble is only found by mining outside. It is not in the ruins.

I recommend mining from time to time at the stone heap located near the entrance to the city, to the left of the entrance:

Marble near the city walls

The bronze pickaxe is required for darker stones. With the latter, you will get at least 15 or 20 units of marble each time you go to mine there.

Quantity of marble required

You must have 39 marble units for the following stations:

  • Basic skiver (3)
  • Removable battery (3)
  • Civil furnace (9)
  • Cooking set (9)
  • Industrial furnace (15)

However, I suggest that you get twenty more for the early game commissions. The stone table, for example, requires 2 units of marble and is sometimes requested in level D commissions.