My Time at Portia

Small engine - My Time at Portia

The small engine is required to build the Dee-Dee transport and the water engine, two main missions! There are 4 ways to get it. I will show you the different ways one by one.

Quest of King Bandirat

After building the bridge to Amber Island at the start of the game, you will need to build a generator and investigate the island cave.

There will be a dungeon to explore with fights lasting about twenty minutes, with King Bandirat as the final boss. Once defeated, a blue chest will appear in front of his sofa … with a small engine inside!

Loot of king bandirat

Explore the ruins

I do not recommend this option but it is possible to get a small engine inside a pink chest when you mine in the ruins.

I only got one in about 10 in-game days of doing the ruins so it doesn't seem like a very reliable option. It's based on luck.

Ruins chest

Dungeon: sewage plant level 1

After defeating a member of the civilian corps in a duel (around level 15), the first dungeon becomes accessible: the sewage plant. The dungeon has 4 levels that you can repeat at will.

A small engine is part of the rewards for the first level!

Sewage plant level 1 dungeon

Civil corps commission

After completing the first level of the sewage plant, it is possible to place an order with the civilian corps to obtain nice loot including a small engine, twenty copper bars and much more!

In exchange for a fee, the small engine and other materials will be delivered directly to your mailbox a few days later.

  • 3 days: 1625 gols
  • 4 days: 1500 gols
  • 5 days: 1375 gols
  • 6 days: 1250 gols
  • 7 days: 1125 gols
  • 8 days: 1000 gols

Sewage plant level 1 commission