The Humble RPG bundle is incredible

The first two tiers of the RPG bundle that is available on Humble Bundle during September 2019 have incredible value. It is one of the best bundles I have come across and you will definitely want to get it if you like tactical or action RPGs.

I’ll first share the link and then we’ll have a look at what’s inside.

Tier 1 - costs one dollar ($43 value)

I’ll skip Hiveswap as it isn’t in a subgenre I enjoy at all but both Deep Sky Derelicts and Immortal Planet are well worth playing.

Deep Sky Derelicts

  • Turn-based RPG worth $19.99
  • Mostly positive reviews
  • 2018

You probably know Darkest Dungeon is one of my favorite indie titles of all time if you come from my website. Deep Sky Derelicts is heavily inspired by it but the developers did bring quite a few new ideas. I wouldn’t call it a copycat at all.

Think Darkest Dungeon with easier and less engaging combat, in space and with a deck building system for the characters abilities instead of static skills. Exploration is also much more important here with different quests to complete.

Immortal Planet

  • Action RPG worth $14.99
  • Very positive reviews
  • 2017

This one is an action RPG with souls combat. I didn’t get very far but as far as I can tell, it is well done and quite engaging. There seems to be several different weapons and accessories that directly impact combat and gives it replay value.

Tier 2 - costs about five dollars ($116 value)

I have only played Cat Quest here for now, but all three games new games that get unlocked in this tier have a great reputation and are worth playing.

Cat quest

  • Action RPG worth $12.99
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews
  • 2017

Cat Quest looks like a simple mobile game at first glance but it is an incredibly well crafted game that works well on PC. It is an easy game that only takes between 5 and 10 hours to complete, but the gameplay is engaging, the story is fun and the visuals are charming.


  • Tactical RPG worth $29.99
  • Very positive reviews
  • 2016

I haven’t played it yet but I will. It appears to be a bit of an old school computer RPG with an incredible story and dialogues, and decent combat. There seems to be a refreshing “play an evil guy instead of the good guy that saves the world” angle to it.

Pillars of Eternity

  • Tactical RPG worth $29.99
  • Very positive reviews
  • 2016

I haven’t played it yet either. It seems to be more combat focused and less story driven than Tyranny, with a much longer time investment required to complete it.

Between the two, I’m planning to start with Tyranny. But they’re both considered incredible modern computer RPGs.