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Fighters Guild - Oblivion

This guide for the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Fighters Guild is an archive of the Oblivion Universe website, now offline.

Table of contents

Fighters Guild quests in Anvil

Quest: a rat problem

Go to Arvena Thelas’ house and talk to him. Go to his basement and kill the mountain lion (not the rats), go back to the woman.

She sends you to see the hunter Prinarus, go to him, talk to him and follow him.

Once at the rendezvous point, kill the 4 mountain lions present on site.

Return to the woman, she tells you that there are still some mountain lions, return to her cellar to kill the mountain lion and return to talk to her. She tells you then that it is her neighbor who has done it, out of the house and go to see the neighbor.

She is not there; go out and see behind the house of Arvena Thelas, you will see her neighbor, go talk to her and then return to Arvena.

Quest: the unfortunate shopkeeper

Exit the guild and go to the dock door, then go to the store Lelles.

Talk to him and wait for him to come out, check that he is at night (T to see the time) and then wait a few minutes in the store (nothing prevents you from taking 2-3 things), the thieves enter through the front door, they are in numbers of 3, kill them.

Go out and see Lelles.

Quest: den of thieves

Get out of the guild and go find out about thieves (for example at the hostel where you find the guy for the house) then you are told to look for Newheim the portly, go home.

If he is not there, go out and look for him in the streets (go to the docks, he is often there).

Once you have spoken to him, go to Hrota Cave. Once in the cave, clean everything. You can pick up the jug for the Newheim quest if you told him about it (his legacy).

Return to Azzan to finish the quest.

Quest: the wandering scholar

Azzan asks us to protect a scholar during her research. Go, then, to the Brittlerock Cave and talk with Elante of Alinor, then follow her.

Once you arrive at the Draetic shrine, talk to her again, she offers you a book increasing the talent “blade”.

Return to Azzan, the quest is over!

Quest: the stone of St. Alessia

Go to Bruma, then in the chapel, go talk to Cirroc.

Get out of town and go talk to K’sharr by following the path. He tells you to go to Sedor, go ahead.

Retrieve the stone from the ruins and bring it back to the Bruma monk.

Return to Azzan to finish the quest.

Fighters Guild quests in Cheydinhal

Quest: the desolate mine

Go to the mine and kill the goblins located in front of it.

Speak to Rienna and give the weapons to the member: hammer to Brag, sword to Elidor. Then go kill the goblins of the mine (follow the guys).

Return to Burz once the goblins have died to finish the quest.

Quest: Amelion’s debt

Go talk to Biene Amelion in the village, at the edge of the water.   You have two choices:

  • give her the 1000 gold. to finish the quest right away, you can get the pieces of armor yourself and keep them.  
  • or you will find them for her, in this case go to Amelion’s tomb and find the armor and sword of the grandfather (look in the coffers and coffins, there are many enchanted objects in the corner.   Go back and talk to Amelion, then you can give her 1000 gold and keep the items or give them to her.

In both cases, you will have to go to Burz to conclude the quest (it gives 100 gold whatever the choice).

Quest: the fugitives

Go to Bravil and ask the passersby about the fugitives, then you are told to go to the Bloodmayne cave, go ahead.

Once there, you will find the entrance but entering the path is blocked by a rock: do not take this entrance, head north to find a second entrance to the labyrinth of Bloodmayne. Kill the 4 fugitives.

Return to Burz to finish the quest.

Quest: the noble’s daughter

Go see Lord Rugdumph at his estate.

He tells you where his daughter is held prisoner, go ahead and kill the ogres on the spot. Then talk to the girl and bring her back to her father. Speak to Lord Rugdumph, he gives you Rugdumph’s sword.

Return to Burz to finish the quest.

Quest: mystery at Harlun’s Watch

Go talk to Drarana Thelis at Harlun’s Watch.

Go to the swampy grotto (watch out for the 3 fires at the entrance), go inside and look for the corpses of the villagers.

Once the corpses found, kill all the trolls of the mine. Go out and talk to Drarana Thelis to give you the “Mind and Body” ring.

Then return to Burz to finish the quest.

Fighters Guild quests in Chorrol

Quest: unfinished business

Go see Vilena Donton in Chorrol, she sends you then talk to Oreyn, in the room downstairs. He asks you to go to Skingrad to look for Maglir at the West Weald Inn.

Talk to him, he sends you to the cave of Tomberoc. Get the book you want.

Return to Maglir and talk to him, the choices do not affect the rest of the quest.

Return to Oreyn to Chorrol and talk to him, again the choices do not change the quest.

Quest: drunk and disorderly

Go to Leyawin and talk to the passerby, he tells you the 5-claw inn, go ahead. Talking to Vantus, in any case your final choice will be to work whatever you choose.

Go talk to the barmaid and ask her for work for the Warrior Guild, she sends you to Margate outside the city looking for ingredients. Talk to him. She sends you to find 5 ectoplasms. I give you a ruin where there are ghosts. Return to Margate at the Inn of the 3 sisters with the 5 ectoplasms, she then agrees to hire the drunkards.

Go tell Vantus and then go back to Oreyn to finish the quest.

Quest: the master’s son

Go get Donton into his house, talk to him and take him to Nonwyl’s cave. Search for the corpse of Galtus and recover the shield next to him.

Return to Oreyn, he will give you a claymore and the quest will be over.

Quest: more unfinished business

Go to Bravil to talk to the passerby to find Maglir, go to the location and talk to Maglir who informs you to be part of the Blackwood Company.

Return to Oreyn and tell him, he sends you to make the contract of Maglir, Go to Bravil to talk to Aryarie at the mages guild.

Go to the thief’s cave and kill 10 elves. Return to see Aryan who then gives you a basic aegis ring.

Then go see Oreyn to conclude the quest.

Quest: Azani Blackheart

Talk to Oreyn who gives you an appointment at home during the night. Go ahead and talk to him about Blackheart Company.

Then go to the Leyawin Guild to find him.

Then go to Arpenia and explore it. Once all the area explored, talk again to Oreyn who will say he is not there and who sends you to the nearby ruins.

Follow the exit until the next ruin. Once inside, go straight, you can not go wrong.

Kill Blackheart and talk to Oreyn.

Quest: trolls of Forsaken Mine

Go to the forsaken mine. Find the corpse of Donton and take him his diary.

Return to Chorrol with the newspaper and give it to Oreyn.

Quest: information gathering

Go to Oreyn’s house to talk to him.   Go to the Glademist Cave and find Ajun-kajin. Do not kill him; talk to him after all his guards are dead.   Bring him back to Oreyn’s house and talk to Oreyn. Then tell the prisoner to sit down. Speak again to Oreyn, he tells you to pull information from Ajun. Bribe or hit him and after a while, Ajun is silent.

Talk to Oreyn to get an amulet.

Quest: infiltration

Go to Leyawin at the Blackwood Company headquarters, speak with Jeetum-ze to get into the company. Follow him and when he gives you the potion, drink it.

Wait a few moments, you will be teleported to the edge of the water. Kill all goblins (in the house too). You will be teleported again to Oreyn this time. Talk to him.

Go back to the village at the edge of the water and talk with Marcel Amelion, and go back to see Oreyn after.

Quest: the hist

Oreyn wants to put an end to the Blackwood Company. Return to their headquarters in Leyawin and kill all the guards who attack you.

Recover the keys of Jeetum-ze to kill the real ruler Ri’zakar, kill him and take the key of the cellar.

Go to the basement and kill the 2 guards. Take the 2 loose pipes to the boiler and use them on the 2 sap pumps. The tree is destroyed.

Get out of the basement, Maglir stops you for a fight, kill him.

Return to Oreyn in Chorrol, he will give you the Oreyn Bear Hatch and will send you talk to Vilena Donton.

Go to Vilena Donton’s house and talk to her, in the end she calls you guild master. Talk to her again she tells you that you have to choose an assistant and advise you Oreyn.