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Trash Sailors: Co-op Raft Survival

Hey guys,

A short clip of this game in development from FluckyMachine on my Twitter feed caught my attention and at first, I thought it was a Don’t Starve clip.

And then when I realized it wasn’t, I said to myself… Anything that remotely looks or plays like Don’t Starve deserves its own article.

So let’s do an early preview!


Trash Sailors is a stylish 2.5D game that is currently in development and is planned for a release on Switch and PC.

You play as what looks like to be a team of two funny characters that are trying to move their raft to a destination without getting destroyed. Tasks go from piloting the raft to fighting various creatures, fetching and salvaging items in the water, crafting and repairing the raft.

Let’s have a look at some gameplay:

Something that seems clear is that piloting the raft to evade various obstacles is a key part of the game. One guy seems to be piloting the raft and the other one keeps the enemies at bay and does raft maintenance.

On that aspect, the game reminds me a bit of We Need To Go Deeper, another co-op title that recently came out this month on Steam.

What would be cool and I think it’s going to be like this after watching a few clips, it would be fun if the difficulty level was high enough so that the character driving the raft would absolutely have to leave the driver’s seat to do other things from time to time to save the day.

That way, the decision as to when to stop driving so that you can solve a crucial problem becomes a thing. Instead of just driving and letting the other guy do all the work. It would bring a lot of close calls.


I’d like to show one more thing before wrapping this preview. Let’s check this next video, but make sure that your sound is on:

I really like what they are going for here, the audio is spot on and it does feel like an outdoors ambiance in the bayou. The storm effect is also superb.

All in all, I can’t wait to try this with a friend. It’s going to be a nice co-op ride full of panic and laughter!

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