Stardew Valley

Angler or pirate in Stardew Valley

You need to choose either mariner or luremaster when you reach level 10 on your fishing (fisher) skill. Which profession is better?

Angler vs pirate

Your level 5 choice, fisher :

  • Fish is worth 25% more

Level 10 choices :

  • Angler - fish is worth 50% more
  • Pirate - chance to find treasure doubled

Which is better?

The angler profession increases your income from fishing by a lot, and the pirate one helps you find a lot more treasures, which are always fun to get.

For me, finding treasures is the most exciting part of fishing. It adds an element of surprise and it increases the difficulty as you've often got to stop focusing on the fish for a few seconds. And then the rewards from the treasure chests can be pretty good. Artifacts is the main reason to hunt treasures in the early game but I've also found dinosaur eggs, diamonds, iridium ores…

I would say, choose pirate if you like to spice things up and if you want to complete the artifacts part of the game faster. Choose angler if you want to get the most profit.

Better choice: both are good.

Level 10 choices