Stardew Valley

Beach farm layout - Stardew Valley

Update 1.5 introduces the new beach farm! It's a beautiful farm with plenty of space which is good for fishing, foraging, and raising animals, but less optimal than other maps for crops due to the sprinklers not working on the sand tiles.

You can plant stuff on them but you need to water them manually with the watering can. That's fair I think. The game could get easy with iridium sprinklers doing all the work, this adds a challenge.

Let's take a look at this new farm layout and some examples from the players.

Base layout

Lots of possibilities to be creative! In addition to the ton of sand tiles, you will notice that there is a large rectangle of about 200 tiles near the center of the map on the left side.

This spot is great for sprinklers, but you will need the steel axe to clean the logs.

Beach farm base layout

Layout example by wolvinie

I love this beach farm layout! There aren't a lot of crops planted, but you can be sure that all the crops end up in a keg or jar as it uses a lot of space to craft artisan items.

It has several fish ponds, lots of bee houses, a few animals, crab pots and fruit trees. All in all a beautiful beach farm that does a bit of everything:

Wolvinie beach layout

Layout example by funk

This layout of the beach farm is a bit more mathematical. It has a large area reserved for fruit trees, another large area for barns and coops, as well as a few fish ponds:

Funk beach layout