Stardew Valley

Excavator or gemologist in Stardew Valley

You need to choose either excavator or gemologist when you reach level 10 on your mining (geologist) skill. Which profession is better?

Excavator vs gemologist

Your level 5 choice, geologist :

  • Chance for gems to appear in pairs

Level 10 choices :

  • Excavator - chance to find geodes doubled
  • Gemologist - gems worth 30% more.

Which is better?

This one is a bit tricky. I would say excavator is pretty good if you are still missing artifacts, as geodes are great for that or if you simply still do a lot of mining. Even when you don't need artifacts, geodes will be a fair source of coal and ores, so that's alright.

Chances are that you will slow down on mining in the end game though. And you might have a few Crystalarium around that are used to replicate gems like diamonds.

In that case, gemologist will help your gems business become more profitable. For example, replicated diamonds will sell for 1000 gold instead of 750 gold.

Better choice: both are ok.

Level 10 choices