Stardew Valley

Fighter or scout - Stardew Valley

You need to choose either fighter or scout when you reach level 5 on your combat skill.

Which profession is better?

Fighter vs scout

The fighter path :

  • Fighter (level 5) - attacks deal 10% more damage and you get +15 HP
  • Brute (level 10) - attacks deal 15% more damage
  • Defender (level 10) - you get +25 HP

The scout path :

  • Scout (level 5) - critical strike chance increased by 50%
  • Acrobat (level 10) - cooldown on special moves cut in half
  • Desperado (level 10) - critical strikes are deadly

Which is better?

Scout looks amazing on paper, but it is an increase of 50% of your current crit chance.

The base chance for critical strikes is 2%, so if you don't use items or food to raise it, scout will bring you up to 3%. Which is only one critical strike every 33 hits.


Fighter on the other hand isn't a game changer, but it is stable damage. 10% more base damage is also a better increase than 1% more base crit. And the small HP increase will let your take one more hit.

Better choice: fighter.

Level 5 choices