Guidance - UnderMine


Guidance is a powerful relic that makes the thrown pickaxe bounce to the closest enemy that is in range. There is up to 3 bounces (4 hits total with the initial hit) and each bounce deals 20% less damage.

The same enemy can get hit twice. If there's only two enemies close to each other, they'll both get hit twice.

Tips for using Guidance

  • It doesn't work when the pickaxe comes back to the player's hand.
  • It doesn't work on the pilfer slimes that appear when gold is around.
  • You can use it to safely hit enemies that are way out of your normal range.
  • The statue version of the gargoyles (second world) might be immune to the thrown pickaxe but they still count as an enemy. The ricochet effect works on them.
  • Sonic Boom (throw spd+) make the bounces super fast.
  • Guidance makes easy work of the Golem boss as it has a ton of bounce targets.
  • The bounces will apply lightning / fire effects from other relics.

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