Write about indie games

Write about indie games

There are tons of great indie games. Would you like to publish guides, previews or reviews for some of them?

There are tons of great indie games. Unfortunately, I do not have time to try a lot of new games and end up playing and writing about one or two indie games every month.

Meanwhile, the Lost Noob is starting to grow and now has about 1000 indie game players visiting the site each day for information.

If you would like to join up and write about indie games you love, I’ll gladly publish your articles on the website! You can either write series of in-depth guides for a specific indie titles, previews or reviews.

I can’t pay but I accept writers from all over the world. Experience in writing is not required. The only requirements are to speak english and to like the indie game industry.

You can reach me at the following address: guides@lostnoob.com