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Little crafting RPG

Hey guys,

I recently bought a graphics tablet and decided to give indie game development a shot as a personal project. It is a small 2D game with a focus on crafting and I am doing both the programming and the graphics.

My main inspiration for the gameplay is the incredible My Time at Portia!

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Base mechanics

Run around with equipped tools to gather resources. Process resources with the workstations and craft items that can be sold or used to complete quests for a profit. Buy technologies to unlock new tools and workstations.


Ideas I'd like to explore

I'm not 100% sure they are good ideas but here are a few things I would like to explore in addition to the gathering / crafting mechanics.

Transportation and construction projects

A few years ago I was very active in an MMORPG named Archeage and I remember some of the game's milestones were building huge houses and huge ships.

The game also had a classic crafting system for small stuff but for those, you would need to craft big “packs” of resources that wouldn't fit in the inventory, carry those packs very slowly on your back or with your transportation system to the construction site and then complete different construction steps, one by one.

Things like merchant ships would require 10+ packs and completing them felt like a nice achievement. It was pretty cool.

The windmill in the video above could for example be the first big construction project. It could take, say, two packs of stones and two packs of wood to build, unlocking the processing of grain and more profits. But moving a pack at 25% speed is painful, so you'd want to get the first transportation system first to make things easier. In Archeage, that was a mule.

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