Graveyard keeper

Tips and tricks for Graveyard Keeper. You will find an in-depth guide for the Breaking Dead DLC zombie mechanic, as well as guides that will help you complete the quests.

General tips

Quests tips

Items tips

Tips and tricks

  1. Cooking carrots is a very easy way to get the most energy at the beginning of the game. The recipe does not require any other ingredients, and carrots are also useful throughout the game to get bodies. Plant a lot!

  2. Coal is a much more efficient fuel than firewood. It is also easier to obtain. Try to get access to the coal seam as soon as possible!

  3. The sermon of the week is an excellent source of income, and the associated reward is influenced by the type of sermon, the quality of the church, and the quality of the cemetery.

  4. It’s possible to automate some of the resource acquisition and crafting work with zombies. They are unlocked by Snake quests under the house.

Opinion on the game

A great discovery of 2018!

I really like Stardew Valley and I was expecting a similar game, but the two games are very different. This one is much more complex, and it is more directed towards the accomplishment of objectives with crafting prerequisites which follow one after the other.

From the outset, I had some fears because many describe the game as being very grindy and repetitive. And that’s not wrong, but personally it did not bother me at all. I found that it was an opportunity to think carefully and optimize actions, which gave me some satisfaction in itself.

I also liked the graphics, the humor and the music a lot!

Finally, there is a lot of things to do in Graveyard Keeper and the game easily offers 40 or 50 hours of play.