Graveyard Keeper

Stone Garden and Meditation - Graveyard Keeper

Sometimes it's a good idea to skip days in Graveyard Keeper, especially if you want to keep a focus and finish quest lines instead of being all over the place.

You can sleep in the bed for time to go faster, but it's impossible when the energy bar is full. That's where the stone garden comes in. You can medidate and skip days as you wish with it.

How to build the stone garden

Stone garden

The stone garden is located right by the house on the top left.

Stones are available everywhere and river sand can be digged near the river by the church. Just get to the bridge and head north until you see a big pile of sand and start digging.


Use the stone garden to start meditating and skip days, each day ends in 50 seconds. If you need to skip a few days, you might even have just enough time for a quick real life stop to the toilet.


Medication doesn't save the game like sleeping in the house's bed but it does recover energy.