Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Farmstead: Curios and provisions

The Farmstead is the Color of Madness DLC dungeon and it is a long, constant stream of monsters joining the fights with no breaks in between.

Sustain is the key to survival here.

You need to be able to shrug off the damage and stress caused by 20 - 30 monsters that join a fight one after the other.

Table of contents

Farmstead curios

Eldritch Altar curio

Eldritch Altar

Use the holy water.

The altar rids a hero of a negative quirk!


  • +25 stress (40%)
  • Negative quirk (10%)
  • Nothing (50%)

Fresh harvest curio

Fresh harvest

Nothing to use.

The fresh harvest helps your hero recover 90% health!

Gleaming shards curio

Gleaming shards

Nothing to use.

You receive crystal shards!

Heirloom chest curio

Heirloom chest

Use the skeleton key.

You find heirlooms x4 in the chest!


  • Heirlooms x2 (75%)
  • Bleed (13%)
  • Blight (13%)

Rotted fare curio

Rotted fare

Nothing to use.

The rotted fare grants the hero -100 stress!

Stack of Books curio

Stack of Books

Nothing to use.

You find…

  • Stress +25 (22%)
  • Positive quirk (22%)
  • Journal entry (17%)
  • Nothing (17%)
  • Negative quirk (11%)
  • Diminished light (11%)

Stockpile curio


Use the skeleton key.

You find many treasures in the stockpile!


  • A few treasures (100%)

Unlocked strongbox curio

Unlocked strongbox

Nothing to use.

  • Any loot x2 (75%)
  • Blight (25%)

Farmstead provisions

  • 24 food
  • 4 holy waters
  • 2 skeleton key
  • 4 bandages
  • 4 antivenoms
  • 4 medicinal herb