Dawn of Man

Achievements in Dawn of Man

Here is a list of the 18 achievements that are currently available in Dawn of Man.

If you are a completionist and you intend to finish them all, I would recommend starting with the hardcore mode from the very beginning.

Hardcore mode is more difficult than normal mode, but it is not impossible. Starting with it will save you from having to repeat all the scenarios a second time!


  1. Launch Forth - launch the game
  2. Ancient Apprentice - complete the tutorial
  3. Ancient Miner - have at least three mines at one given time in the Neolithic Era
  4. Massive Hunter - hunt a mammoth
  5. Iron Man - get to the Iron Age
  6. Continental Settlement - achieve a population of 50 in the Continental Dawn scenario
  7. The Deer Hunter - hunt 100 deers in one game
  8. Master of Steel - produce 10 steel swords in one game
  9. Hardened Survivor - complete 5 milestones in Hardcore Mode
  10. Completion - complete all milestones
  11. Ultimate Completion - complete all milestones in Hardcore Mode
  12. Overpopulation - get 200 people in your settlement
  13. Paleolithic Overpopulation - get 100 people in your settlement in the Paleolithic Era
  14. Express Evolution - research all techs in the tech tree in less than 5 hours of gameplay
  15. Siege Progress - unlock the Bronze Age in the Ancient Warriors scenario
  16. Siege Overcome - unlock the steelmaking tech in the Ancient Warriors scenario
  17. North Settlement - achieve a population of 50 in The Northlands scenario
  18. Warrior Settlement - achieve a population of 50 in the Ancient Warriors scenario