Dawn of Man

Leather and tannin in Dawn of Man

At the beginning of the game, the tanner can be obtained quite easily with 5 points of knowledge. This structure makes it possible to produce leather, a resource required in the creation of several crafting recipes including leather outfits.

Producing leather requires two ingredients:

  • Tannin x1
  • Raw skin x1

How to get tannin

Raw skin is an obvious resource, it comes from animals and you will already have many. Tannin is less obvious and comes more from trees during the spring.

In fact, tannin is associated with two specific trees: fir and oak.


Producing leather

Once you have collected tannins that can be combined with raw skins, you can start producing leather.

Note that unlike the skins dryer that turns raw skins into dry skins, the conversion of raw skins at the tanner requires an active worker.