Dawn of Man

Best starting location in Dawn of Man

Here is a suggestion for a good starting location in each scenario. Note that all starting locations work and that there are probably some that are better than others early in the game due to the quantity of animals to hunt.

But I do not have the patience to start a game in all locations. Here are my three selection criteria:

  • Large flat surface for planting crops
  • Copper, tin and iron mines nearby
  • Megaliths nearby

Continental Dawn

River fork

River fork: This one has 7 megaliths nearby. You can easily create many crop fields after cutting the trees, and there are mines of all types on the left side of the image and on the right side (after building a bridge).

As a bonus, the abundance of rivers is perfect to do a lot of fishing.

The Northlands

Frozen valley

Frozen valley: It's not perfect, but I think all the starting places in this scenario have a problem. The problem with this one is lack of flint.

For the rest, there is a lot of mines nearby, 6 megaliths that are not too far and a good flat surface. My strategy is to focus quickly on mine upgrades to compensate lack of flint problem.

Ancient Warriors

Canyon of slaughter

Canyon of slaughter: A huge flat area for agriculture and all types of mines are nearby, although for some it is necessary to build a bridge. There are only 3 megaliths in sight though.