Dawn of Man

Linen and flax in Dawn of Man

Three very useful items can be made with linen. First, you've got the composite bow, which is the best ranged weapon in the game. It will be your main defense against raiders in the endgame.

Next, you've got the linen outfit, which is an upgrade from the leather outfit and the best armor you can wear in warm temperature.

Finally, you've also got the fishing rod. It is much better than a harpoon for fishing, with the downside of not being a combat weapon.


How to get linen

You get linen from farming. More specifically from flax farming, after getting the Flax domestication tech during the Neolithic age.

Simply create a flax field. I would recommend about 10 squares of flax. Your workers will then plant the seeds during spring, and it will take two seasons to grow. They will harvest the resulting linen during fall and you will be set for your crafting.

Linen is used to create

  • Fishing rod
  • Composite bow
  • Linen cloth