Dawn of Man

Stables in Dawn of Man

The stables become available after discovering two technologies from the the Neolithic Age: thatching and goat domestication.

It is a structure that is used to house all your domestic animals during the winter, regardless of the type of animal. It can house 10 different animals. Take for granted that all your animals that exceed the maximum amount of shelter available in your stables will die during the winter.

Just like huts, it is better to have too many stables than not enough stables. The animals breed and you will often need new shelters available.


If you have too many animals

The best trick is to press F4 and add a limit to your animals. At first, there is no limit.

If for example your new limit for goats is 20, goats will be killed when their population exceeds the limit. This way you solve the problem of overpopulation, and at the same time you automate a part of the acquisition of meat, bones and skins for your village.

Resources required

  • 2 log
  • 4 wood sticks
  • 8 mud
  • 4 straw