Dawn of Man

Low morale in Dawn of Man

There are many ways to lose morale in Dawn of Man. The latter will naturally decrease when your individuals are tired, too cold, too hungry, too thirsty, lose a fight …

However, it is possible to reduce this loss of morale and to raise a low morale.

Recovering morale

Lose less morale

Avoid a workload of 100% or more. The workload of your village is visible by pressing 7. The problem of too much work is that some individuals will not take the time to recover between tasks.

Avoid launching an expedition before winter, so as not to leave with clothes that are unsuitable for cold weather.

Go hunting with a lot of well-equipped fighters. An easy hunt without much injury and loss of life is better than a difficult hunt.

How to fix low morale

Two options are possible to cheer up your villagers. The first is spirituality and the second is beer!


This option is available from the beginning of the game. It's quite simple: an individual kneels before the spirituality structure and slowly regains his morale. This type of structure can not then be used by the same individual for a certain period.

For the village to have good morale, it is therefore important to have not only several spirituality structures (they kneel one at a time), but also a variety of different structures. Because if for example you only have totems, the individual won't be able to kneel again anywhere for a long time. While if you also had skull poles, he would be able to use one.

There are five types of spirituality structures. I suggest having at least three different types:

  • Skull pole (0.2)
  • Totem (0.3)
  • Menhir (0.4)
  • Dolmen (0.5)
  • Stone Circle (0.6)


This option becomes available much later in the game, during the Bronze Age. You will need to unlock the brewing technology. Beer can then be produced at the brewery, a new structure that can be built.

The recipe is easy (water and grain) and drinking beer greatly increases morale.