Baba is You

Pillar Yard level in Baba is You

Flag is win, but love is surrounded by stars and star is defeat. There are pillars everywhere that can be pushed around.

Pillar Yard level start


  • It is possible to push several blocks at the same time.
  • If you put something on a block that is win, and then transform it into Baba while keeping control over him, you win! It is the same as manually moving Baba on it.

How to win the level

Make a row of three pillars on the pathway, and push them all in direction of the flag. One pillar will be over the flag and you won't have touched the stars. Next, make pillar is Baba. All pillars will transform into Baba's, included the one that is on the flag. You win !

Pillar Yard level win

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