Baba is You

Sunken Temple in Baba is You

This one is visually similar to the Submerged Ruins level, but the same strategy won't work, as crab is defeat will already be triggered once you gain access to the words south-east.

Sunken Temple level start


  • Words are always push.
  • You can push something over near the flag without touching the crab.
  • Pushing Baba on a crab won't make you lose if you are not Baba.

How to win the level

First you will need to get access to the south-east words and to bring them back to make rock is you and control the rock. Next, try to make Baba is push so that he can be moved around like the words.

Finally, put Baba by the crab with a word behind him, and push him over on the other side. Become Baba is you once again and capture the flag to win !

Sunken Temple level win

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