Baba is You

Wireless Connection in Baba is You

Flag is probably rock and win, but there is a large bog between you and those words, and bog is defeat. A robot and a cog are nearby, and you might have to use your new robotics skills.

Wireless Connection level start


  • Robots and cogs will hurt less from an acidic bog than little Baba.

How to win the level

You'll need to push the is and and words on the other side by using the robot and the cog. Put the cog behind the word is on the right line to make flag is rock, and make it move with cog is move. Stop the cog at the right time and repeat the operation with robot is move.

You will then make flag is rock and win, but the flag won't change since flag is flag. Capture it and win!

Wireless Connection level win

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