Baba is You

Bottleneck hints - Baba is You

Pushing the rocket on the belt located on the left side makes Flag is Win. But it also makes Skull is Defeat, and you won't be able to reach the other side to capture the flag.

Bottleneck level start


  • It is possible to push air around with Empty is Push. But it will trap you.
  • Stars are not empty. Use them to break free when launching a rocket into orbit.
  • You have a few turns to reach the skies once the rocket launches.

How to win the level

The idea here is to push the rocket on the belt but from afar, by using the Empty is Push rule. That way, you can reach the other side before the skull becomes defeat.

First, push the rocket right by the start of the conveyor belt. Push the Star and Rocket is Push rule to the right side, and place a star below one of the words of that rule. Replace Star and Rocket is Push by Empty and Rocket is Push, and push empty to the left side so it moves the rocket on the conveyor.

Break free by pushing things down where the star is and run to the other side before the rocket makes Skull is Defeat (and Flag is Win)!

Bottleneck level solution

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