Baba is You

Tiny Pond in Baba is You

Win is surrounded by water and you can't move it. Baba is you and can open water, but you lose control of objects by doing so.

Tiny Pond level start


  • If you control two of the same object, you can sink / open with one and stay in the game.

How to win the level

First, push the whole column of words top so that the word is can be used a second time, and either make flag is key or key is flag. This will create either two keys or two flags. Next, replace Baba by the appropriate object so that you can control two objects that can open.

Use one to open the square that is top-left of the win word so that you get access to it. Finally, replace the open word by win, so that the object you control becomes win!

Tiny Pond level win

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