Baba is You

Prison in Baba is You

Wall is stop and is all around you. Win is outside and you can't reach it. You're just stuck in the prison with your good old pal Keke.

Prison level start


  • Wall is stop, but words are not stop. And if you place someone on something and then wake him up, he might just be able to do miracles.

How to win the level

The trick here is to break wall is stop to be able to get the win word. First, make Keke is push so that you can move him at the top or the bottom of wall is stop. Next, cancel Keke is push and move wall is stop over him. He's going to sit over either wall or stop.

Finally, make Keke is you to take control of him, and you can now break wall is stop. Go get the win word and make wall is win or keke is win to get the victory!

Prison level win

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