Stardew Valley

Keg vs Jar - Stardew Valley

Today we're going to compare the profitability of making artisan goods by using the keg vs the jar. Which is better for which items?

Stardew Valley keg vs jar

The short answer

The short answer is that the keg is way better for hops and is generally better for fruits. On the other side, the jar is generally better for vegetables. But there are exceptions.

For a more detailed answer, we'll start by looking at the crafting requirements for the keg and the jar.


  • Farming level 8
  • 30 wood
  • 1 copper bar
  • 1 iron bar
  • 1 oak resin

Preserves jar

  • Farming level 4
  • 50 wood
  • 40 stone
  • 8 coal

In both cases, the required items are pretty easy to get. The big thing here is the farming level; by the time you unlock the keg technology, you tend to already have quite a few preserves jar.

So unless you're really rich in the end-game, you probably want to keep your kegs for items where using it is much more profitable than using a jar.

Next, we'll make a list of cases where the keg is better and vice-versa. An awesome Google Sheet document was made by someone and I'll share it here. The best part is that the author took into consideration both profits and processing time.

Keg vs Jar - Google Sheet

Cases where the keg is better

  • Hops (200% better)
  • Starfruit (45% better)
  • Ancient fruit (43% better)
  • Melon (36% better)
  • Rhubarb (35% better)
  • Crystal cruit (29% better)
  • Peach (28% better)
  • Pomegranate (28% better)
  • Strawberry (24% better)
  • Orange (20% better)
  • Apple (20% better)
  • Coconut (20% better)

Cases where the jar is better

  • Parsnip (35% better)
  • Green bean (31% better)
  • Corn (26% better)
  • Garlic (21% better)
  • Tomato (21% better)
  • Eggplant (21% better)
  • Cherry (18% better)
  • Potato (14% better)
  • Bok choy (14% better)
  • Radish (12% better)
  • Beet (10% better)
  • Kale (9% better)
  • Hot pepper (8% better)