Stardew Valley

Miner or geologist - Stardew Valley

You need to choose either miner or geologist when you reach level 5 on your mining skill.

Which profession is better?

Miner vs geologist

The miner path :

  • Miner (level 5) - ore veins yield +1 ore
  • Blacksmith (level 10) - metal bars are worth 25% more
  • Prospector (level 10) - coal find doubled

The geologist path :

  • Geologist (level 5) - gems have a chance to spawn in pairs
  • Excavator (level 10) - geode find doubled
  • Gemologist (level 10) - gems are worth 30% more

Which is better?

The miner profession is a great pick for the early game as you do need a lot of resources for crafting and for new buildings. One more ore from all ore veins that you break adds up to a lot of ores.

Spoiler: you're going to break ton of ore veins!

On the other hand, getting two gems instead of one is handy. Selling gems make for a decent side income, and they are great for raising your number of hearts with most NPC's.

I would say the geologist path is the better choice for the end game. It's level 10 professions are stronger, as you probably won't be selling your metal bars and will be producing a lot of coal by yourself from wood.

Better choice: both are good.

Level 5 choices