Stardew Valley

Rancher or tiller - Stardew Valley

You need to choose either rancher or tiller when you reach level 5 on your farming skill.

Which profession is better?

Rancher vs tiller

The rancher path :

  • Rancher (level 5) - animal products worth 20% more
  • Coopmaster (level 10) - befriend coop animals quicker and incubation time cut in half
  • Shepherd (level 10) - befriend barn animals quicker and sheep produce wool faster

The tiller path :

  • Tiller (level 5) - crops worth 10% more
  • Artisan (level 10) - artisan goods worth 40% more
  • Agriculturist (level 10) - crops grow 10% faster

Which is better?

Most players will benefit more from tiller (to get artisan at level 10), but rancher makes a lot of sense if you prefer animals to crops and if you don't plan on producing a lot of artisan goods.

Especially now that the percentage has been buffed. The animal products bonus was increased from 10% to 20% on patch 1.1.

The best way to profit from rancher is probably from sheep, by combining it with the shepherd profession at level 10. Wool is then produced by sheep 50% faster, and it sells for 20% more.

It becomes pretty lucrative!

With that said, tiller will be better for most players. Artisan is by far the most lucrative profession in the game if you intend on getting kegs and producing wine.

Tiller by itself is also a nice little boost in the early game. I'd say it's easier to profit from it, as crops are usually the main income at the beginning and farming level 5 happens very fast.

In my game, I didn't even own a coop or a barn when it happened.

Better choice: tiller.

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Level 5 choices