Stardew Valley

Artisan or agriculturist in Stardew Valley

You need to choose either artisan or agriculturist when you reach level 10 on your farming (tiller) skill. Which profession is better?

Artisan vs agriculturist

Your level 5 choice, tiller :

  • Crops are worth 10% more.

Level 10 choices :

  • Artisan - artisan goods are worth 40% more.
  • Agriculturist - crops grow 10% faster.

Which is better?

The artisan profession is probably the most popular one in the game. Everyone seems to swear by it and for a reason, the impact on your income is really huge. As long as you have the patience required to let your kegs, preserve jars and other artisan processing items transform a percentage of your crops and animal goods into more expansive items, making artisan goods is the most profitable thing that you can do in the game.

Which means the artisan profession improves the most profitable thing that you can do in the game by 40%.

The other option is agriculturist, which increases your crops growth rate by a small amount. Unlike artisan, it has no impact on the profits made from your animal goods.

This one is an easy pick!

Better choice: artisan.

Level 10 choices