9th Dawn 3

Bandit Hideout - 9th Dawn 3

Bandit Hideout is a short dungeon near Elmson with bandit monsters and various traps that can't be destroyed but deals damage to your party.

It doesn't have a boss, but has a book, the Stolen Goods that are requested in Elmson for a quest and 3 ability coins.

Bandit Hideout Map

Bandit Hideout Map

Bandit Hideout Walkthrough

  1. North, collect the first Ability Coin (25%).
  2. West, collect the wisdom stats orb (50%) and push the lever.
  3. South east, collect the second Ability Coin (75%). Be careful here as there is a lot of traps on the wall, you can easily get killed by them. I know I did.
  4. South, push the lever.
  5. North east, collect the Stolen Goods for a quest in Elmson and the third Ability Coin (100%) and you're done!