9th Dawn 3

Rilesun Crypt - 9th Dawn 3

Rilesun Crypt is a dungeon located south east of Rhunden that has a ton of undead enemies. It has 5 ability coins, a few stats points orbs and a skeleton boss named Skelly.

Rilesun Crypt Map

Rilesun Crypt Map

Rilesun Crypt Walkthrough

  1. Follow the path and take the stairs to go back outside. You'll find youself in a grave. Push the lever, go north and take the other stairs back to the dungeon.
  2. Push the lever.
  3. Take the stairs, push the lever and come back downstairs.
  4. Push the lever in the south east corner.
  5. Collect the first Ability Coin (5%).
  6. Collect the intelligence point orb (10%).
  7. Collect the second Ability Coin (15%).
  8. Push the lever.
  9. Push the lever.
  10. Collect the third Ability Coin (20%), the dexterity point orb (25%) and push the lever.
  11. Collect the endurance point orb (30%).
  12. Collect the wisdom point orb (35%).
  13. Defeat Skelly the skeleton boss (85%) and collect the strength point orb (90%).
  14. Push the lever and collect the fourth Ability Coin (95%).
  15. Push the lever, collect the last Ability Coin (100%) and you're done!