9th Dawn 3

Yorgun Mine - 9th Dawn 3

Yorgun Mine is a big dungeon near Elmson that has a few minecarts and long distances to talk around. Kobold monsters are introduced here, with a kobold boss, Kobolly.

It has 4 ability coins and a few stats orbs.

Yorgun Mine Map

Yorgun Mine Map

Yorgun Mine Walkthrough

  1. North, collect the experience points orb (7%).
  2. South, push the lever.
  3. Take the stairs to go outside, collect the first Ability Coin (14%) in the north path, push the lever and go back to the dungeon by the next entrance.
  4. South west all the way, fight the dungeon boss Kobolly (64%), collect the stats orb (71%), collect the second Ability Coin (78%), talk to the quest NPC Lost Brother and ride the minecart back to the entrance.
  5. South east, collect the third Ability Coin (85%).
  6. Push the lever.
  7. Push another lever and ride the nearby minecart.
  8. You end up here. Collect the mining experience orb (92%).
  9. Push the lever here.
  10. Collect the final Ability Coin (100%) near the entrance and you're done!