9th Dawn 3

Serpent Pit - 9th Dawn 3

Serpent Pit is an optional dungeon nearby the starting town. I would recommend completing the Luppi Ruins first at this one is slightly harder.

It has 4 ability coins and a ton of snake monsters that drop items used to unlock Alchemy, with the occasional rats, bats and spiders. Check out all dead ends as there is probably 10 chests laying around here, it's a great way to get low level items.

The boss is a big snake.

Serpent Pit Map

Serpent Pit Map

Serpent Pit Guide

  1. Get the chests top of the entrance and then do a circle from the south, to get to a small walled room. Push the lever and collect the first Ability Coin (12%).
  2. South west, collect the second Ability Coin (25%).
  3. West, push the lever at the end of the path.
  4. South east, push the first lever in the big room with two levers.
  5. Go back to the middle of the dungeon and go all around where you were but from the right side. Activate the second lever in the same room and collect the third Ability Coin (37%).
  6. Far east, north and push a lever.
  7. West, push a lever, kill Nhor'Dhag the serpent boss (87%), collect the last Ability Coin (100%) and you're good to go!